Oxenberry Grapple Ciders

Something a little different to our range of wines and made with the same creative spirit behind our unique Jack Of All Trades Tempranillo Chardonnay, we released our new Oxenberry White & Red Grapple Ciders in early October 201l, made from a unique combination of McLaren Vale wine grapes and premium Adelaide Hills apples.

Owners and winemakers of Oxenberry Wines, the Scarpantoni brothers, were offered a portion of this year’s apple harvest from an Adelaide Hills apple producer known to them just prior to the 2011 vintage harvest, and the winemaking team developed the idea of producing ciders made from a combination of premium wine grapes and apples.

Chardonnay and Gamay grown at our McLaren Flat vineyard were determined to have the ideal balance of flavours to combine with the apples, so a percentage of each was kept (70%) was blended with the Hills apple juice (30%), creating the Oxenberry White Grapple Cider & Red Grapple Ciders.

The White Grapple Cider shows similar characteristics to both a blanc de blanc style of sparkling white wine (a sparkling wine made purely from white grapes, typically Chardonnay) and a traditional apple cider, with the strong green apple characters that Chardonnay often displays when picked early and made into a sparkling wine. With plenty of apple characters from both the Chardonnay grapes and the apples, plus a hint of stone fruit characters in the background courtesy of the Chardonnay. It’s yeasty, clean and very refreshing.

The Red Grapple Cider shows plenty of the vibrant red fruit aromas and flavours that Gamay is known for (which we use to create the multi award winning Ceres Rosé at our sister winery Scarpantoni), with strawberries, raspberries and fresh cherry flavours at the forefront. The red berry fruit flavours dominate the palate with the apple flavours playing a supporting role to the berry fruits.

Both are very food friendly and the Red Grapple Cider in particular seems to work extremely well with a wide range of Indian curries; a cuisine many wines have trouble pairing with successfully.

Both are offered in crown-sealed 500ml bottles and both are 8% alcohol, making them slightly stronger than some beers and ciders but low in alcohol when compared to most wines. Always best enjoyed in a glass with good company on hand to share them with.

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